I'm a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying computer science. This spring and summer I worked with Professor Claire Tomlin on techniques combining Hamilton-Jacobi Safety with Reinforcement Learning

Last spring and summer I worked on low-energy plasma research with Professor Joel Fajans at UC Berkeley. The summer before I worked with Professor Tokunbo Ogunfunmi at Santa Clara University on IoT devices.

In Fall 2017 semester I tutored students in CS 61A and CS 61B and I have begun to digitize my handwritten notes that I use to help students. You can find them on my notes page.

I also enjoy reading about all sorts of topics and watching online lectures. I would highly recommend MIT Open Courseware and Coursera. You can find other sites I find interesting on my links page.

In my spare time I play ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and spike ball.

If you would like to contact me try my email on my home page or find me on Facebook.